Do I need a higher education consultant?

If you want to study in the US or Canada and you are not sure about the right school and major, an independent education consultant can help to find the right fit for you. If you know exactly what you want to study, a consultant provides professional guidance through all necessary steps to get there. The college application takes time, months or years of preparation, and some steps take longer and need to be prioritized. Our service will support you along the way and ensures that you meet all requirements and deadlines.

Can you guarantee my admittance in a specific college?

No. We can give you the most professional assistance and highly improve your chances, but the decision is ultimately made by the university’s own admissions committee.

What does it cost to study in the US and Canada?

Tuition can range from anything between $3,000 and $30,000 per semester without scholarships. This seems like a broad guess, but the sum depends on many different variables: living cost in some locations might double (big cities), tuition discounts in selected states, private vs. state universities, number of courses and type of degree.

What are the requirements to study in the US and Canada?

If your native language is not English, you will have to show proof of your proficiency in English. To start undergraduate studies in the US or Canada, you have to hold a high school diploma (or equivalent foreign degree). To become a graduate student in the US or Canada, you have to hold a bachelors degree (or equivalent foreign degree). You also have to show proof of sufficient financial funds to get accepted (and receive a student-visa for the US).

Do I need a visa to study in the US or Canada?

Yes. If you do not hold a US passport, you will be issued an F-1 nonimmigrant visa upon acceptance into the university. This visa will allow you to stay 3 to 5 years (depending on your degree), travel and re-enter the US and Canada until it expires.

What is a scholarship, and how do I get it?

A scholarship is a form of financial aid for students during enrollment that is awarded based on different criteria and not to be repaid. Since it has limited availability, a scholarship usually has an advanced application and selection process. Every school has different available scholarships, and they can cover anything up to 100 percent of all costs to attend a school (except maybe health insurance). The easiest differentiation is between academic and athletic scholarships.

What is an athletic scholarship, and how do I receive one?

An athletic scholarship is usually awarded directly by the university coach of the athletic team the recipient will join upon acceptance. Depending on the available budget, a coach can award up to 100 percent of tuition, room, books and meals, reducing costs for the student-athlete to only health insurance. Most athletic scholarships are a percentage of the annual cost. That means if you receive a 60 percent athletic scholarship, you have to cover the other 40 percent with your own funds, or academic scholarship money. There are two major steps to become an athletic scholarship recipient. First you have to convince the coach of your skills, talents and motivation. The best way to do that is in a showcase, or through an online profile with videos. Once you are awarded an athletic scholarship, you have to apply to the school and get accepted.

Who is eligible to participate in college sports?

Everyone has 4 years to participate in college sports right after graduating from high school. Every year that you participate in a club team after graduating from high school might reduce your years of eligibility. If you have not been an active athlete of a club during undergraduate studies, you can usually participate as a master’s student for two years.

How long do scholarships last?

Academic scholarships usually have minimum requirements for each semester to continue until your graduation. Those requirements can be the number of courses and a minimum grade point average per semester.
Athletic scholarships are awarded for an academic year and meant to be renewed, or increased, for up to 4 years. This depends not just on your athletic performance during that year. As a student athlete you also have to keep your grade point average above the schools requirements, attend classes, and follow a code of conduct as representative of your school.

When should I start the application process?

Every college has its own application deadline, from three months up to 1 year before classes start. Some universities also have an early application deadline that could increase your chance to get accepted. We recommended starting the application process early, preferably during your junior year of high school. However, coaches generally want to recruit high school seniors who can start in the upcoming season for their college teams.