Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarship Services

Athletic Scholarships are an excellent source for students who need financial support for their undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States and Canada. We provide the perfect tools for you to become a scholarship recipient and participate in highly competitive college sports.
Create an online profile today and show college coaches in our network your skills and talents. Or sign up for one of our showcases in Paraguay, or Brazil, where you will have the opportunity to play in front of university coaches and meet them in person.

We also offer personalized scouting for highly competitive athletes, where we use our network to promote your outstanding talent individually.




Our Showcases

A Showcase is a great way to display your athletic talents and introduce yourself to several college coaches in one event. It reduces the travel time and costs for all participants and allows for valuable interaction between you and the coaches. The prices to participate in our showcases range from $79 to $99*, a small amount for the opportunity to receive scholarships that could pay for 100% of your tuition, room and board. 12 athletes of our 2014 soccer showcase are currently athletic scholarship recipients and play college soccer in the United States. We offer soccer, tennis and basketball showcases for both sexes, with more sports coming soon.


Individualized Scouting

We offer personalized scouting for highly competitive female and male athletes throughout our network and promote your outstanding talent individually to coaches of the universities that fit you best. Once we verified your athletic performance we start to develop the most excellent promotion for you to receive a high percentage athletic scholarship. The price of $99* for this service will include an online profile in our network.

Your Athlete Profile

The online profiles allow you to display your entire athletic career on a single page. It is the perfect tool for you to show college coaches in our network your skills and talents, and the most economical path to an athletic scholarship. Your athlete profile will provide exposure to eventually hundreds of college coaches who are always looking for new talents. Once a coach is interested in you, she or he will be able to communicate with you directly.


*Only once you accepted a scholarship offer, an additional $199 fee applies, which includes guidance for the NCAA or NAIA Clearinghouse application.